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All You Need Is a Good Team!

Working together can prove to be difficult, especially in the lack of good communication. It took us years of trial and error, but IIV and a few other friends managed to reach that balance, where working together! Reaching a state of teamwork flow can be achieved when taking into consideration the needs of each member. We all have something to say, and we all deserve to be listened to. The difficulty arises when choosing what to implement and what to let go, and this is where emotional maturity becomes key. As close friends, we already know each other so well, and that has allowed us to find the perfect way in which to communicate to one another.

Therefore, IIV is happy to present TEAM LINEAR, a group of friends and architects who organically ended up collaborating on different projects. As seen on YAC Culture stations (honourable mention) and Buildner's Home of Shadows (third place), we hope to keep on working on more and more ideas together. Check our story out in the video below!

*video presentation as part of our 3rd place announcement


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